Mohd. Fahim Mazhery

Mohd. Fahim Mazhery


About Me

He has a strong background of working in the corporate sector; with a decade and a half in the field of airlines. He changed direction and went into the voluntary sector and charitable work in 1992. He has been a part of many reputable aid agencies including the humanitarian wing of the UN & Muslim Aid Islamic Relief Convoy of Mercy.

For the last fifteen years he has also worked in the Community based sector therefore is a community leader as well as an activist.

Mr. Mazhary is also a TEFL and CELTA Qualified trainer and has a good command on multiple languages such as French, German, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Spanish, etc. He also is an extensive traveler and learner. He has travelled over 90 countries around the globe across the 5 continents and vows to enhance and keep Candy Club updated with the educational developments going around the globe.

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