Preschoolers Activity-9

Preschoolers activity 9 - Candy Club Online

Designed Tiles

Learning through small skill based projects is always fun! This activity is a blend of messy play and provides multiple opportunities to the parents. They can easily integrate multiple learning objects as per the age and ability of their children. The material used is easily available and can also be alternated with similar material if you don’t find the ones mentioned in the video.

Mess is sign of learning!

This project is based on skills sensories and you can always involve more learning into it as you like. The best part is, it’s going to be really messy; so make sure if you are doing this activity your kids and you are mentally prepared because it is going to be a lot of mess out there. We are going to make a tile made up of cement and add designs, letters, numbers, shapes, whatever you like.

Preschoolers activity 9 - Candy Club Online


Step 1: Take the strainer and refine the sand, so you can have a smooth mix and avoid cracks. an old flat metal, wooden or plastic tray or pan & make the surface smooth.

Step 2: Take some dry grass & cut it into tiny small pieces.

Step 3: Now, take a container, add half scoop of grass, one scoop of cement & three scoops of the refined sand. Mix them all evenly & add water to make a mixture.

Step 4: Make sure not to make the mixture too watery or too thick, it has to be sloppy.

Step 5: Place the lid of the can the table and spread the mix evenly. Add a leaf or your designed element and gentle press it.

Step 6: Let is set for a couple of hours and then take off the leaf. Let it completely dry over night. Paint and decorate your tile as you like.

Playful Questions

  • Does cement has glue?
  • If we do not add cement, will the sand still make a tile with water?
  • Why do we have to refine sand?
  • Why is the tile gray, when we added more sand and less cement?
  • Can we write our names on the tiles?
  • Why did we add grass?
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