Preschoolers Activity-8

Chalkboard Shape Tray

Chalk play is always fun for kids and adding value to it makes it even better. This activity along with chalk play involves craft work, scavenger hunt & mathematics!

You can use the basic of this activity to create similar of your own.

Time for a refresher on shapes for the kids! Plus, they love just about anything to do with sparkly pebble collection!

This is an open-ended activity where children can use their imaginations and go on a scavenger finding different crystals or pebbles. Add a little pinch of science from the previous activity of crystals and pebbles, discuss your little ones about crystals and pebbles, their formation as a refresher. & make them go look around the house to find some!
This activity will be focusing on shape and will have reading and sensory in integration. Look up down in the instruction and you can evolve the activity with more learning objectives.


Step 1: Take an old flat metal, wooden or plastic tray or pan & make the surface smooth.

Step 2: Along with the kids take a black sheet and cut it in the shape of the tray and stick it to it.

Step 3: Make different shapes with chalk in the tray and label them.

Step 4: Ask the kids to go on a scavenger hunt and find pebbles or crystals as many as they can. and complete the shape by adding the found items on it.

Step 5: Try to keep repeating the names of the shapes and remember its a play based activity where they will learn with fun. Make sure the it stays fun!

Playful Questions

  • What other shapes can we add?
  • How many sides do each of the shape has?
  • Why chalk can write easily as compared to the pebbles and crystals?
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