Preschoolers Activity-6

Preschoolers activity 6 - Candy Club Online

Cardboard tube fun

2.5 – 4 years

Here is a super simple fine motor cardboard tube challenge for kids! They simply need to remove the bands from the cardboard tube with their fingers. Can they get them on again? 

This is one activity that is incredibly simple to set up and have your child get playing. You only need two materials to make it too! 

An exciting challenge

Children tend to listen and follow instruction more when they come through play and wrapped in a challenge. This activity is a simple activity to improve the finger more skills and grip abilities.

teacher with child


Step 1: Place all the colorful bands around the cardboard.

Step 2: Ask the children to take the bands of using their fingers.

Step 3: Now ask them to put the bands.

Step 4: Step up a timer and make it challenging for them. During this time talk about the days of the week and their order in which they appear.

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