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Apple Taste Test Activity

2.5 – 4 years

Kids can be picky eaters sometimes, what better way to introduce them to new foods and incorporate some fun into a circle time activity than eating and exploring tasty apples! This is a fun way to introduce new vocabulary as well to get the children chatting among themselves about different food experiences. Exploring different foods, just like at home, brings children and people together.

Learn new terminology of apple flavours and explore the world of graphing and turn taking

This is a fun activity you can modify to trying any new foods- apples is a favourite from my preschool classroom as the types of apples are almost endless! This activity can extend into science- how do apples grow? Math- counting apples and matching the colours and sizes etc, maybe even a field trip to the grocery store or apple orchard if this peaks the children’s interest!

teacher with child


Step 1: At the grocery store pick out multiple kids of apples (Red Apple, Golden Delicious, Macintosh, Green apples, Lady, Fuji etc) and cut them into small bite size slices for the kids to try.

Step 2: Get the kids involved in this process if you can of purchases and learning the names of the apples etc. Have the kids try the apples and remind them to remember the name of their favourite apple kind (perhaps numbering them in front of each apple sample will help!) Set up a graph at the front of the class/ circle time area with the name of each apple and a photo (or a number if you numbered them in the step above).

Step 3: Have each child hold their name card or an apple they coloured, their photo etc. something that will help them identify that what they placed on the graph represents them. Ask each child one at a time to place their card/photo etc beside the apple that they enjoyed best.

Step 4: Have the children discuss why they liked each apple best, which they didn’t etc. using describing words (sweet, sour, tangy, bitter, crunchy, soft, etc) and examine which apple was most popular and least popular.

Step 5: Try to avoid language about the apples that were not as “popular” such as “disliked” “worst” “gross” etc. as this may make the children who selected the apples feel bad about their choice. From here you can explain our taste buds and how everyone tastes things differently- the possibilities are endless!

Step 6: Happy tasting!

Playful Questions

  • Why was X apple your favourite?
  • Can you describe using your senses the flavour of X apple? (Sweet, Sour, Salty?)
  • What are some things we can make with apples?
  • Where do apples grow?
  • Why are some apples red and some apples green?

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