Preschoolers Activity-12

Threads and Nails

Craft work is always great for the development of children and can be the driving force to achieve specific targets as well. This wood working activity is a fun activity for the kids with great learning objectives.

Learning through woodworking is always fun!

For preschoolers any activity can be interest and enriched with learning if only they can work around their curiosity into it. This activity is an open ended activity and you can always add up learning objectives as you like. We have focused on shapes for now. Let the kids have some fun with the hammers, let them make some noise banging the tables. Just stay vigilant.


Step 1: First make the kids learn how to hold the nails and the hammer. The nails need to be held from the pointy tip in a ‘PINCH GRIP’ firm and tight and the hammer needs to be held from the bottom of the handle.

Step 2: Taking triangle as our first shape, mark three points on the wood piece.

Step 3: Let the kids place nails on the points and let them hammer slow till the nails is firm in the wood.

Step 4: Tie the thread on one of the nails and wrap the entire thread around to form the shape.

Step 5: Repeat the instructions for more and different shapes.

Step 6: You can also follow the instructions in the video below.

Playful Questions

  • Why are the nails pointy on one end and flat on the other?
  • Why is the hammer heavy on one side?
  • Why can’t we hammer on the pointy side of the nails?
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