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Homemade Plant Pot

The sense of achievement enhances the motivation for ‘doing more’ in children, hence, more and more opportunities to explore, experiment and learn!
This homemade plant pot activity is an easy way to let your little ones create and achieve using their artistic intrigue while having a healthy fun discussion of science & letting their sensory needs have their tummies full!

A blend of Science & Arts is always fun!

This project is a blend of science & arts. Once children get the hang of the science going on in this activity, they are absolutely going to love the process of creation and their created stuff.

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Step 1: Take the big plastic cup and fill it half with plaster of Paris.

Step 2: Keep the ratio of water & plaster of Paris, 1:1, as we don’t want it to solidify quickly.

Step 3: Add half cup water to plaster of Paris. Stir & mix till all the lumps are eliminated.

Step 4: Add some weight in the small cup and place it in the mid of the mixture of plaster of Paris & let it solidify for the next 45 – 60 minutes.

Step 5: Once solidified, tear open the both the cups. The mixture has solidified but needs to dry. Let it dry for a day in sunlight before you can start painting and decorating.

Playful Questions

  • Is plaster of Paris and cement the same?
  • Why does plaster of Paris like chalk?
  • Can we make anything out of it?
  • If we crush dry plaster of Paris into powder, can we work with it again?
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