Play School

“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”   –   John Dewey

Candy Club Play School is based on Nature Based Learning, inspired by ‘Early Childhood Waldorf Education’.
It’s the first ever Forest School in Pakistan with a Nature Based Curriculum which is executed through five basic elements life.

Ever observed the delightedness of a child when he has a candy to unwrap and have it?

The focus, interest, involvement turns into an accomplishment and satisfaction of achievement. At Candy Club play school which is based on ‘nature and play’, it’s all about learning with fun.

The kids with us don’t graduate competing for good marks; instead they are encouraged to have a great heart. We want children to be children, which later would help them be humans.

At Candy Club every moment is a moment of discovery. Through the magic of our friendly forest to the cozy classrooms, the environment welcomes every kid. Learning is a response to the environment. A natural facilitator raises the spirits high with giggles and wiggles, allowing children to think making stories, songs, verses, puppets a base. Lessons of language and wisdom of nature start children off their educational path.
Children in our programs spend significant time outdoors. Research has demonstrated that active outdoor time fosters healthy social-emotional development, autonomy, helps to develop key learning skills related to executive function, and can be therapeutic in addressing attention deficit disorders. Being outdoors provide a wonderful context for inquiry-based and FASCP learning.

Candy Club play school children are trained & developed for five basic pillars of life; Art, Science, Construction, Philosophy & Farming. In integration they also receive a comprehensive foundation for school success, with explicit instruction in literacy, math and science.

Our developmentally NBL and NbECE appropriate curriculum also features FASCP:

Farming – through plantation, taking care of animals & cooking.

Art – through painting, clay modeling, designing, crafts.

Science – though research & experiments.

Construction – through wood art, building blocks and various other mediums. 

Philosophy – through storytelling, puppetry, and music.

All above mentioned features are integrated with the nature, play and exploration.

The children who attend Candy Club play school move on from play group to pre-nursery to nursery to elementary with solid academics, minds free to inquire and learn, bodies strong and able to work, hands ready to create, and hearts open to others and to the wonders of nature.

Facility               Age Level

Playgroup           1 to 2.5 years
Pre-Nursery        2.5 to 3.5 years
Nursery              3.5 to 4.5 years
Preparatory        4.5 to 5.5 years

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