‘Candy Club Online’ is an initiative to promote home based & distance learning via internet. Though, online education has been there for quite sometime, but the need was never felt this much, until now. Due to Covid-19 our mother earth has demanded a break & almost everyone is quarantined in their homes.

Like every other online education channel or blog, we will be coming up with learning material vowing along not to compromise the ‘Candy Club’ essence at all. Learning will be through activities with tons of objectives integrated, based on inquiry, skills & nature with a bucket full of fun & craze.
This initiative will also provide us with an opportunity to reach out a lot of children around in Pakistan & worldwide, who, due to any reason can not be a part of Candy Club School.

Candy Club Online has three categories, ‘Readers Club‘, ‘Activities Zone‘ & ‘Homeschooling Series’. Where we will be offering free learning material for teachers and parents.

We know the love for Candy Club will attract children to the screens, which we don’t want; nurture through nature is what we preach & strongly believe in; therefore, we advise parents to limit the screen time of their children & if possible the entire family. Candy Club Online will be educating parents & teachers, for ‘children’ but our direct audience will not be children.

To keep the learning exciting for you all, initially, Candy Club Online plans to start on with activities based on material which can easily be found at home, followed up with more nature driven, intense, adventurous, crazy & more fun filled activities!

Happy Learning!

Founder & Director,
Ussama RQ.

All rights reserved with Candy Club.