Facilitating Together

Candy Club believes in spreading and sharing new learning methods for a better and mentally healthier next generation. Therefore, Candy Club is always open to educational collaborations, where Schools, NGOs, Organizations, etc. provide their requirements and their goals and Candy Club keeping those in mind develops programs and projects which nurture the learning process.

Candy Club is/was in collaboration with:

  1. Karachi Grammar School – KGS Middle Section
  2. Karachi Grammar School – KGS Junior Section
  3. Haque Academy
  4. The Learning Tree
  5. Cornerstones School
  6. Foundation Public School (FPS)
  7. Veritas Learning Circle – VLC
  8. Kinder Academy
  9. The Illmesters Academy
  10. The Indus Academy
  11. Home Schooling Network
  12. KDSP – Karachi Down Syndrome Program
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