After School Program

After School Program 2019

Candy Club 'After School Program' is an unconventional educational program for kids between the ages of 7 to 12.

The enriching 'Forest School' of Candy Club provides a welcoming environment to children where they explore & learn. It builds independence and self-esteem in children.

The program has four different set of options to select from:

  1. Monday - Wood Art: sessions by Candy Club have always been on top of the list, this time we are more fun & have more learning into it. These sessions will consist of multiple monthly projects based on logic of Mechanics and Electronics.
  2. Tuesday - Forest Kitchen: sessions are full of fun, excitement, learning & full tummies. These sessions will have different projects every week, with a different cooking method.
  3. Wednesday - Cross Fit for kids is the first ever initiative in the country. Cross fit does not only strengthen & condition children physically and mentally but also develops love for fitness & sports in them. Children participating will have multiple workout routines every week.
  4. Thursday - Nature Ceramics is all about understanding & shaping up materials provided to us by nature & appreciating it. These sessions widens the imagination & creativity of children & gives them an opportunity to visualize in different perspectives.

For ages : 7 to 12 years

Timings : 4 - 5pm

Days : Monday - Thursday

Charges : PKR 7500 per selected module (3 months)
**Fee includes all the enriching material.

Next Module starting from August 2019
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