Candy Club where learning is always a treat!

Candy Club educational collaborative was founded in Dec 2015 by two young educators with complementary background in teaching and facilitation at renowned educational institutes like The Grammar School, Haques, etc., social service, visual art, NBL – Nature Based Learning & Waldorf Education.

Candy Club is one of a kind and to date, it is the only forest school in Pakistan; based on NBECE, NBL and Waldorf Education System. Their goal is to provide enriching educational opportunities for children where the process of nurturing is natural and child centered. Since the founding, they have offered a number of innovative after school programs in many of the leading schools in Karachi.

Candy Club has an active board of directors and a professional advisory board. At this time Candy Club is excited to expand its operations. Consistent with its mission to serve children with different educational organizations; with a vision of expanding their impact and the method of learning in the society, Candy Club has established a full time Play School (pre-school).

Nature-based education is promoted by the Natural Start Alliance and the Children and Nature Network which support young children’s connection to nature and environmental awareness. Candy Club is also an active member of NAAEE – North American Association for Environmental Education.

Waldorf education is an independent school movement with over 120 schools in the US and 1000 worldwide. Through arts-integrated academics for children from preschool through high school that enhances and enriches learning, Waldorf education aims to inspire lifelong learning in all students and to enable them to fully develop their unique capacities.

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