Ussama RQ.

Founder/ Principal
a visionary educationist and an entrepreneur have to his credit at a very young age for laying the foundation of Candy Club Play School, the first and the only Early Childhood Waldorf Education School in Pakistan. He is the founder of Candy Club too, a unique collaborative venture for schools to get their students an experience of multiple life skills programs.With his love for fine art, sculpting, woodworking, pottery, etc.
We nurture children for real life!

Play & Elementary School

was founded in January 2016 by Ussama Rasool Qadri along with Syed Adeel Hassan with a vow to have a paradigm shift in the conventional educational system of the country. It is the first and the only Early Childhood Waldorf Education School in Pakistan. The school’s pedagogy is derived from Waldorf Education and has a curriculum that revolves around nature. The conventional perception when talking about a nature-based curriculum is that all the learning takes place outdoors and is closer to landscapes. Whereas Candy Club's nature-based curriculum circulates around the universal nature of every element & soul present. Candy Club Play School involves the basic living elements in its curriculum termed FASCP (Farming, Art, Science, Construction and Philosophy). A child is nurtured through individualization to make him independent understanding his abilities & choices. The school has a timetable with the concept of ‘Rhythm’ which means time constraints are not enforced but are decided through the interest of children. The school also follows international standards of inclusion. This too is a very unconventional approach in the country, as the school believes in diversity. No child is excluded based on their different abilities, race, religion, or color.
The Facilitators in Candy Club Play School are aware of the philosophy and are educated about the same. The concept of training the facilitators is based on the idea of ‘Practice what you Preach’, Until a facilitator is mentally prepared to understand the process of individualization and self-actualization, they are not moved forward to the kids. Different counseling sessions and workshops are conducted for them to understand self-actualization and reflect the same on themselves.
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