Ussama RQ.

Founder/ Principal
a visionary educationist and an entrepreneur have to his credit at a very young age for laying the foundation of Candy Club Play School, the first and the only Early Childhood Waldorf Education School in Pakistan. He is the founder of Candy Club too, a unique collaborative venture for schools to get their students an experience of multiple life skills programs.With his love for fine art, sculpting, woodworking, pottery, etc.
We nurture children for real life!

Play & Elementary School

Candy Club Play School and Collaborative is a Waldorf Education-inspired school that has an enriching nature-based curriculum and is the first of its kind in Pakistan. It was established in the year 2016 by two Educationists Ussama and Adeel with a very naturalistic approach towards education. After closely studying and understanding the educational system in the country, identifying the flaws and loopholes that they believed hindered the thoughtful and developmental growth of the upcoming ‘generation Alpha’, they decided to form an eclectic model of education based on very unconventional approaches. The envisioned idea was shaped through inspiration by Rudolf Steiner’s Waldorf Education Model which served the need of the hour back then and has been doing the same within our educational system now. Structuring the entire system and the pedagogies around the concept of ‘Head, Heart & Hand’ of Waldorf Education encourages self-actualization and individualization and nurtures students to the very roots of humanism, enhancing their cognitive abilities, bodily kinesthetics & emotional intelligence.
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